OraDirect Mobile - Using 'union' clause (Problem 1) and parameters (Problem 2)

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OraDirect Mobile - Using 'union' clause (Problem 1) and parameters (Problem 2)

Post by jcmercure » Thu 14 Feb 2008 00:29

I have developed a Windows CE 4.2 .NET CF 2.0 application for a client using you OraDirect Mobile software (ver. I have run some test against my Oracle 10g database that work fine but my client is using Oracle 8i and there are failures.

First, I wrote one query with 'union' clause and this seems to run fine on my test system but absolutely fails on the clients test system. Testing has shown that any query with 'union' clauses fails on the client system. Of course the query runs fine in SQL*Plus. Is there a known problem with 'union' clauses and OraDirect? Could the differences in the database version be the root of the problem?

Second, the majority of the queries use parameters as one would expect and in several cases a query uses the same parameter mulitple times. The documentation says this should work. Again in my test environment this works fine and the clients test environment this fails and we had to change the code to have unique names for each end every parameter in the query. Is this a known issue of some sort? Could the differences in the database versions be the root of the problem?

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Post by Alexey.mdr » Thu 14 Feb 2008 12:36

We didn't encounter such problems before.
Could you please post the full version of the Oracle server and Oracle client used.
Please send me (alexey*crlab*com) a small test project to reproduce the problems.
Please include the definition of your own database objects.
Do not use third party components.
If it is impossible for you to create the test project, send us a piece of
your code where the errors occur.

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