Licensing Problem

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Licensing Problem

Post by sainsal » Mon 28 Jan 2008 20:15

Hey, i'm using 4.35.27 version of CoreLab with VS2005, I have two application a WinForm App and Windows Service App, both using a set of libraries that use corelab component. In Winform configuration there is no problem with Licensing, it work fine, but in Windows Service it is a big headache: it show me 'Invalid Licence for the Application XXX' error. :(
It's no matter if I use licenses.config or not.

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Post by Alexey.mdr » Tue 29 Jan 2008 14:12

... Windows Service it is a big headache: it show me 'Invalid Licence for the Application XXX' ...
Please send a small compiled binary to our support team.
We will try to figure out why you get the invalid license message.

In case where it is impossible to put the license information straight to executable file, MyDirect .NET allows you to create class libraries that can be used with certain executable files. To do this perform the following steps:
1. Create and setup file named licenses.licx as described above.
2. Create a text file named licenses.config and place it next to licenses.licx.
3. In this file enumerate names of executable files that will work with the library, every file name on separate line, for example:

You do not have to add the file licenses.config to your project.

Please download the last build. It has extended "License not valid" error message.

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