ORA.NET 4.0 vs ORA.NET 3.55.XX

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ORA.NET 4.0 vs ORA.NET 3.55.XX

Post by Alladin » Tue 10 Jul 2007 01:21

I need some feedback to get started.

My company owns a license of 3.55.XX version, I just noticed that version 4.0 is out. However I couldn't see any reasons to upgrade yet.

Is there any real added value or just a marketing hype (citius-altius-fortius)?

What is really interesting for me is performance aspect. Is 4.0 faster than 3.55? Is it more robust & less buggier?

I use only few components like OracleConnection, OracleCommand & OracleDataReader... Are there any improvements in this area?

Thank you in advance,

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Post by Alexey » Tue 10 Jul 2007 07:13

Is there any real added value or just a marketing hype (citius-altius-fortius)?
Yes, there are some advantages:
  • In Direct mode we significantly improved working with BLOBs starting from 4.20
  • x64 supported
  • OCI Pooling in 4.20 supported
  • Proxy Authentication in 4.20 supported
  • IN and IN/OUT REF CURSORs supported
  • Added new class OracleGlobalization for managing culture settings
  • Performance enhanced
  • Added design-time features for quick application development

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