Dot connect for Oracle and .net 6

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Dot connect for Oracle and .net 6

Post by PeterUser » Wed 13 Oct 2021 15:06


I just tried to use dotconnect for Oracle with the latest release candidate of .net 6, but it seems that my license key is not accepted:

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Devart.Common.LicenseException : Feature is not supported. This error is thrown by Devart .NET Standard assemblies if license key validation fails. Possible reasons: 1. License key is not found, refer to the "Licensing .NET Standard (.NET Core) Projects" article in the product documentation. 2. Your product edition (the key was generated for) doesn't support the feature you are trying to use, refer to the editions matrix. 3. Your key is outdated for using the current product version, renew the license key in the Customer Portal.
I can start the project, when I switch back to .net 5. Do I need a different license key for .net 6? Is there something else I have to configure?

I use .net 6.0.100-rc.2.21505.57 with Devart.Data.Oracle 9.14.1353.

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Re: Dot connect for Oracle and .net 6

Post by Shalex » Mon 18 Oct 2021 09:14

Thank you for your report. We have reproduced the issue with the provider's .NET Standard licensing on .NET 6 and will notify you when it is fixed.

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