Proxy User connection leaking pool connections on login failure

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Proxy User connection leaking pool connections on login failure

Post by scott_mathieson » Fri 22 May 2020 16:12


I am using dotConnect for Oracle version 9.7.734 and running into an issue when using proxy connection whereby a failed login for a proxied user results in the internal proxy user connection to be left open and not returned to the pool. To replicate, create a data source with connection like:

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<add name="ProxiedConnectionString" connectionString="Proxy User Id=proxy_user;Proxy Password=proxy_user_password;Server=MYSERVER;Pooling = true; Max Pool Size=1" providerName="Devart.Data.Oracle" />
If you then use the connection string and add a User Id=does_not_exist entry, when attempting to open the connection, it will fail (as the user doesn't exist but will leave a connected session for proxy_user. If you then attempt to create another connection in the same process with a valid User Id, this will fail as there are no free connections in the pool. The same thing happens if you try to proxy a connection for a user who's account is locked. There doesn't seem to be any way to free up the used connection other than restarting the process. This seems like a bug although haven't found any other people mentioning it so perhaps there is something odd in my configuration.

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