select delivers wrong rowid

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select delivers wrong rowid

Post by Tobsel » Mon 12 Aug 2019 09:14

On one of our customers database a select delivers the wrong rowid. The C# Code looks like this

var conn = new OracleConnection();
conn.Server = "";
conn.Sid = "XXX";
conn.UserId = "xxx";
conn.Password = "xxx";
conn.Direct = true;
conn.Port = 1521;

var dt = new DataTable();
var adp = new OracleDataAdapter("select smtp_server, rowid from ext_allgemein", conn);

MyDataGrid.ItemsSource = dt.DefaultView;
MyDataGrid.ItemsSource = dt.DefaultView;

When I execute the select with the same user on PL/SQL-Developer the rowid is "AGsYahAAGAAAzirAAA". Executing the same select with the code above the rowid is "AAGsYahAAGAAAzirAAA". Just the "G" changes to an "A". We are sure that we are on the correct database because if we change the value of the "SMTP_SERVER" column with PL/SQL Developer to anything else it is also shown in the code (DataTable) above but the rowid is still wrong. We use this rowid for an update and got the invalid rowid exception. We can reproduce this only on one of our customers database. There is not other Table or View with the same name on the database etc.

Devart Version: 9.7.734

Do you have any idea?

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