Новая версия UniDAC 5.3 доступна для скачивания!

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Новая версия UniDAC 5.3 доступна для скачивания!

Сообщение Devart » Ср 30 апр 2014 16:42

Дорогие пользователи,

новая версия UniDAC 5.3.8 уже доступна для скачивания.

В этой версии:
  • RAD Studio XE6 is supported
  • Android in C++Builder XE6 is supported
  • Lazarus 1.2.2 and FPC 2.6.4 is supported
  • SmartFetch mode for TDataSet descendants is added
  • The TUniDataSetOptions.MasterFieldsNullable property is added
  • Now update queries inside TDataSet descendants have correct owner
  • The SetOrderBy method behavior is fixed
  • The GetOrderBy method behavior is fixed
  • Bug with displaying already installed DAC version in setup messages is fixed
  • Bug with the Filter behavior in the Metadata component is fixed
  • Bug with AV on modify table with one only Object field is fixed
  • Bug with Locate when a NULL value is present in the index field is fixed
  • Bug with IndexFieldNames when DataTypeMapping is enabled is fixed
  • Bug with freeing memory in the TDADataSet.Lookup method is fixed
  • Bug with error processing on socket data reading under Unix is fixed
Oracle data provider
  • DataTypeMapping conversion from XMLType to ftString is added
  • DataTypeMapping conversion from Interval to ftString is added
  • Bug with detect parameters if a string constant contains ':' in the Direct mode is fixed
  • Bug with connection when UnicodeEnvironment=True in the Direct mode is fixed
  • Bug with detecting table names in an SQL statement containing JOIN is fixed
  • Bug with Largint columns in UniLoader is fixed
  • Bug with result parameters is fixed
SQLServer data provider
  • Bug with processing widestring parameters is fixed
  • Bug with processing tinyint and single parameters in SQL Server Compact Edition is fixed
MySQL data provider
  • Bug with connection establishing when Pooling is enabled is fixed
  • Bug with RefreshRecord when ReadOnly is set to True is fixed
  • Bug with SSL connection on Android is fixed
InterBase data provider
  • TUniTransaction.OnCommitRetainig and TUniTransaction.OnRollbackRetainig events are added
  • Bug with carriage returned in the beginning of an error message is fixed
  • Bug with invalid client library when using connection pooling is fixed
  • Bug with refreshing a detail dataset in Master-Detail is fixed
PostgreSQL data provider
  • Bug with parsing dollar-quoted strings is fixed
  • Bug with "Range check error" in Protocol 2 is fixed
  • Bug with executing "WITH ... SELECT" statements is fixed
  • Bug with SSL connection on Android is fixed
SQLite data provider
  • Now the Direct mode is based on the SQLite engine version
  • The EnableLoadExtension specific option is added for the Connection component
ASE data provider
  • The PrepareMethod option is added
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