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Is the 'timestamp' type supported with dBExpress Net option? I perform such a test:

1. create table dss_temp ( time TIMESTAMP(3) WITH TIME ZONE );
2. insert into dss_temp values ( sysdate);
3. select * from dss_temp;

The result on Oracle Sql Plus interface is something like this:
15-SEP-06 AM +02:00 so it is 11 o'clock AM

However when I run this query in my Delphi application and read the field time into Tdatetime variable using dBexpress, instead of 11AM I get 9AM - the time zone information is lost. Is there any way to read the TIMESTAMP field correctly without converting it into string on the Oracle server?

Thanks for any help
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Postby Challenger » Fri 15 Sep 2006 13:13

No, Delphi TIMESTAMP, SQLTIMESTAMP data types are not able to store information about time zone.
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