Which product better for Delphi ODAC or dbExpress?

Which product better for Delphi ODAC or dbExpress?

Postby Otec_Aleksiy » Tue 09 Nov 2004 17:37

Which product have a better performance for Delphi ODAC or dbExpress?

Thank you. :roll:

Postby Paul » Thu 11 Nov 2004 09:44

We tested ODAC and DbxOda on performance in Fetch test and Multi Executing test. ODAC is faster than DbxOda in 1.25 times (on Fetch test) and in 2.21 on Multi Executing test. You can compare ODAC, dbExpress drivers, BDE, ADO with Performance demo project from ODAC package.
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Is this still accurate with the latest versions?

Postby ddudley3 » Thu 09 Jun 2005 13:38

I wrote a test Delphi 6 app and dropped on a DBExpress SQLconnection object and a SQLquery object, used the Corelab Oracle Driver and dropped on a Corelab ODAC query and connection.

When I ran tests, Corelab ODAC was slower.

DBXpress Query returns in 234 ms
ODAC took 11 seconds 875 ms to return same rows.

Both return 7991 rows doing a TABLE ACCESS FULL

I wanted to verify that the recordcount was accurate by going first to last and counting them 1 at a time. I wasn't sure if a bug existed where it showed the entire count but only returned the first few rows or something. I don't include this in the amount of time either.

Do I not have an option turned on/off on the ODAC?

David Dudley

Postby Paul » Thu 09 Jun 2005 14:19

You can configure ODAC to work like TSQLQuery. Please see TOraQuery.FetchAll, TOraQuery.FetchRows, TOraQuery.UniDirectional, TOraQuery.Options.QueryRecCount.
Send us please small demo project to demonstrate the problem to DbxOda support address and include script to create server objects.
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