No Oracle Client how i connect? It's possible?

No Oracle Client how i connect? It's possible?

Postby Victor Morgado » Fri 24 Jun 2005 20:20

How i connect to oracle without a Oracle Client on Machine?
Victor Morgado

Oracle Instant Client

Postby Guest » Sun 26 Jun 2005 06:34

There is Oracle Instant Client - check if it suits your needs.
The instant client is just some DLLs you can put into your app directory - no installation is needed. I used it with DBXODA, and it works excellent.
The DLLs still take around 100MB, so the instant client is not suitable for all situations.

Postby Paul » Mon 27 Jun 2005 06:35

To connect to Oracle without Oracle client please use "Oracle Net (Core Lab)" connection with TSQLConnection or TCRSQLConnection. Set DataBase parameter as described in ReadMe.html
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