Inserting some null date values

Inserting some null date values

Postby axelv » Wed 22 Jun 2005 16:26

when I used 'MyQuery.Params[x].Clear' for inserting some empty dates in a column database i have an erro message indicate to me that the parameter isn't filled

suprisingly if the first date isn't empty the others empty dates goes well into the table

Do I use the good syntax for doing this action ?

Thank you for your time !

Postby Paul » Thu 23 Jun 2005 07:58

We cannot reproduce your problem. Possibly your did not specify 'MyQuery.Params[x].DataType for this parameter. It is required value in Borland dbExpress.
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Postby axelv » Tue 28 Jun 2005 15:49

you was right thank you very much !

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