4.40.15 issue with "Class not registered"

4.40.15 issue with "Class not registered"

Postby gb » Wed 01 Apr 2009 13:41

When closing a TSQLConnection, an AV is being raised (in debug mode only):

raised exception class EOleSysError with message 'Class not registered, ClassID: {89F49E65-F6E0-11D6-9038-00C02631BDC7}'.

This seems to be coming from DBMonitorIntf.pas::Class_DBMonitor, that is included through a use clause on dbexp>dbexp4>DbxOdaDriverLoader.

My (wild) guess is that it's some piece missing from the work being done for D2009.

Enviroment: C++Builder 2007 R2 Version 11.0.2987.10779.
Connection method: OraDirect - through a static link (delphi bpl/lib) hack.

Any idea?


[Edit: Just to add that it also happens with a normal connection (not using OraDirect)]
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Postby Plash » Mon 06 Apr 2009 09:18

This internal exception in the driver is not an error. The currect version of the driver detects if DBMonitor is installed in such way. In the next build of the driver we will change this code to prevent the exception.
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Postby gb » Mon 06 Apr 2009 09:23

Thank you.
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