Error using C++2009 DataExplorer with dbxOda 4.40

Error using C++2009 DataExplorer with dbxOda 4.40

Postby LeifS » Fri 21 Nov 2008 08:37


I've recently installed dbxOda v4.40 in C++Builder 2009, and added a connection to my Oracle10g database in the Data Explorer view.

I can then add a TSQLConnection component and connect to my database with that, but if I try to browse Tables with the Data Explorer i get an error saying "Attempted to read or write protected memory..."
The same error displays if I click Test Connection from the Modify Connection dialog.
It is possible to browse my database in Data Explorer using the CodeGear dbExpress driver.

Is browsing with DataExplorer supposed to work with dbxOda?

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Postby Plash » Tue 25 Nov 2008 12:11

We are working on resolving the problem with Data Explorer. But the current version of DbxOda cannot be used with it.
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