save TOraQuery dataset to disk file

save TOraQuery dataset to disk file

Postby liyf » Sat 31 Mar 2007 01:07

hi, i am developping a client/server application framework. i use TOraQuery to access oracle9i table. can i direct save TOraQuery to a disk file which can be loaded into a TVirtualTable in client? also i can create a TVirtualTable object and assign TOraQuery to the TVirtualTable object, but performance is not good in this way than direct save to a TVirtualTable format disk file.
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Postby Antaeus » Wed 04 Apr 2007 13:11

We added the TMemDataSet.SaveToXML method in the last version of our DAC products (ODAC 6, MyDAC 5, SDAC 4, IBDAC 2). So you can export your dataset to an XML file using this method and then load the file using TVirtualTable.LoadFromXML.
There is no way to do this with the previous version.
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