Exporting and importing are too slow.

Exporting and importing are too slow.

Postby epilogs » Sat 03 Jun 2006 07:18


VirtualTable is very useful to process non relational tables.
It makes almost ideal performance.
most operations are very fast!
(also, it is free of chage. :D )

but, exporting and importing(**) are too slow
when record count grows up.

Can I tune up my lovely VirtualTable's poring performance?

here is my operation condition.

57 fields. (integers, vchars)
100,000 records. (over full load)
208 seconds elapsed. (SaveToFile() or SaveToStream(memorystream))
49.6 MB (file.vdb)

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Postby Antaeus » Wed 07 Jun 2006 08:36

Thank you for information. We have reproduced this problem and fixed it. Performance of SaveToFile and LoadFromFile functions in VirtualTable was greatly improved. This fix will be included in the next build of our products.
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