How virtual table connect to express quantum grid

How virtual table connect to express quantum grid

Postby ljcca2003 » Wed 28 Dec 2005 14:17

I am a student who is new in delphi...... :D

Can I know how I can retreive the data from my table (oracle database) and put into the virtual table directly; and when it run, the data will put inside my grid without the OraDatasource??


When i insert data, the data will not directly update to my database, it only store at my virtual table first. Once i finish everything, then only update to my database in one shot

Can I make it?? :?:
Can any one help?? :cry:

Thank you very much ..... :D
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Postby Paul » Wed 28 Dec 2005 14:50

You can do this with TOraTable, TMyTable, TMSTable from ODAC, MyDAC or SDAC products.
If you want to do this with TVirtualTable you have to copy records from TOraTable to TVirtualTable
for displaying recordset in TDGGrid and to do appropriate operation for updating results in TOraTable.
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