Load data no Field Names Bug?

Load data no Field Names Bug?

Postby m227 » Fri 05 Feb 2010 21:10

Hello once again.

1. I put a TVirtualTable onto DataModule,
2. open VirtualTable Editor ... (with double click on VT)
3. load data from *.vtd file saved from another app (which was created by assigning TMyTable dataset).
4. close VirtualTable Editor with Save button (to store loaded data)
5. Then if I open Fields Editor (form VT context menu) I see all fields but ... no names in Object Inspector!

Top row of Object Inspector shows i.e.:
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Such DataSet cannot be used in runtime preventing application from run with error i.e.: Class TLargeInt not found...

I inspected such Erroneus VT with "View as Text" and it looks like below:
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    object TLargeintField
      FieldName = 'id'
    object TStringField
      FieldName = 'kod'
      Size = 32
    object TStringField
      FieldName = 'grupa'
      Size = 64

It clearly shows that no names are assigned. VT v
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Postby Plash » Mon 08 Feb 2010 10:30

This is a known problem. You should recreate fields in Fields Editor after loading data.
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