RecNo is quite slow

RecNo is quite slow

Postby Domenico Mammola » Wed 02 Jul 2008 09:15

Hi! I'm making some performance tests on the virtual table component. Compared to other in-memory datasets (KbmMemTable and DxMemData) I found that VirtualTable has a lower memory footprint and it's faster in editing and posting but it's much slower while browsing records through the RecNo property.

Will this feature be improved in next releases?

Domenico Mammola
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Postby Antaeus » Thu 03 Jul 2008 07:56

There is no simple ways to optimize this functionality. So it is unlikely that it will be done in the nearest future.
As a possible alternative I can suggest using Locate by ordered dataset:

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  VirtualTable.IndexFieldNames := 'Number';  // perform ordering by a field we need
  VirtualTable.Locate('Number', 25, []);
  VirtualTable.Locate('Number', 12, []);
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