MyTable->Post() problems for MySQL v. 4.1.8

MyTable->Post() problems for MySQL v. 4.1.8

Postby Hanne Berthelsen » Tue 01 Mar 2005 18:00

I am using MyDAC v. for Builder 5.

I have a table with the following fields:

UniqNr smallint(6)
ZoneNr smallint(6)
Description char(40)
Shape smallint(6)
Type smallint(6)
Value1 decimal(25,15)
Value2 decimal(25,15)
Value3 decimal(25,15)
Value4 decimal(25,15)
Value5 decimal(25,15)

I have an index that contains all fields.

MyTable->Post() doesn't work when updating records when I am using MySQL v. 4.1.8. No problems if using MySQL v. 4.0.17.

Have you got any idea of what is wrong ?
Would it help to upgrade to latest version of MyDAC ?

Please let me know if you want an example application!

Regards Hanne
Hanne Berthelsen
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Postby Ikar » Wed 02 Mar 2005 09:03

The cause of the problem may be using DECIMAL as key field. From the point of view of optimal execution DML-queries it will be correct to add an unique autoincrement field at each table.
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