PutColumnData Fails

PutColumnData Fails

Postby will » Fri 18 Feb 2005 02:23

I have a recurring problem which I'm sure is caseud by my own stupidity but I still can't seem to solve it:

I have a recordset with some 44,000 records which I'm looping through and passing to a myloader component. It works fine for the first 1020 records but on the 1021st it gives me an error with unknowncolumn false in field list error. No matter which input dataset I try it always fails around the 1020th - q030th record. There are data in these fields so that's not the issue. Any ideas?
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Postby Ikar » Fri 18 Feb 2005 07:41

We couldn't reproduce the problem.
Please send us complete small sample to demonstrate it and include script to create server objects.

Please supply us following information
- Exact version of Delphi, C++ Builder or Kylix
- Exact version of MyDAC. You can see it in About sheet of TMyConnection Editor
- Exact version of MySQL and MySQL client libary (libmysql.dll).
You can see it in Info sheet of TMyConnection Editor
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