Net packets out of order: received[255], expected[1].

Net packets out of order: received[255], expected[1].

Postby Guest » Tue 18 Jan 2005 12:47


I'm getting this error from time to time (seldom).

Here is my table structure :

CREATE TABLE etatssia (
Etat varchar(25) default NULL,
NomEtat varchar(50) default NULL,
Script text,
Requete text,
DescriptionEtat text,
Filtre1 enum('DATE','ENTIER','CHAINE','REEL') default NULL,
Label1 varchar(50) default NULL,
Valeur1 varchar(25) default NULL,
Filtre2 enum('DATE','ENTIER','CHAINE','REEL') default NULL,
Label2 varchar(50) default NULL,
Valeur2 varchar(25) default NULL,
Filtre3 enum('DATE','ENTIER','CHAINE','REEL') default NULL,
Label3 varchar(50) default NULL,
Valeur3 varchar(25) default NULL,
Filtre4 enum('DATE','ENTIER','CHAINE','REEL') default NULL,
Label4 varchar(50) default NULL,
Valeur4 varchar(25) default NULL,
Filtre5 enum('DATE','ENTIER','CHAINE','REEL') default NULL,
Label5 varchar(50) default NULL,
Valeur5 varchar(25) default NULL,
Filtre6 enum('DATE','ENTIER','CHAINE','REEL') default NULL,
Label6 varchar(50) default NULL,
Valeur6 varchar(25) default NULL,
Filtre7 enum('DATE','ENTIER','CHAINE','REEL') default NULL,
Label7 varchar(50) default NULL,
Valeur7 varchar(25) default NULL,
Filtre8 enum('DATE','ENTIER','CHAINE','REEL') default NULL,
Label8 varchar(50) default NULL,
Valeur8 varchar(25) default NULL,
Filtre9 enum('DATE','ENTIER','CHAINE','REEL') default NULL,
Label9 varchar(50) default NULL,
Valeur9 varchar(25) default NULL,
Filtre10 enum('DATE','ENTIER','CHAINE','REEL') default NULL,
Label10 varchar(50) default NULL,
Valeur10 varchar(25) default NULL,
NomSauvegarde varchar(50) default NULL,
Template longblob,
MotDePasse varchar(16) default NULL,
Ordre char(3) default NULL,
Separateur char(1) default NULL,
UNIQUE KEY NomEtat (NomEtat),
UNIQUE KEY Ordre (Ordre)

Here is the Select query :

SELECT etatssia.*

I'm running MySQL 4.1.8

Postby Guest » Tue 18 Jan 2005 13:02

If I drop the Index called 'NOMETAT', this is working again :roll:

Postby Guest » Tue 18 Jan 2005 13:29

Forget the last post....
I'm getting other errors now...

Net packets out of order: received[2], expected[1].

I remove the UNIQUE property of the Index.
This worked fine once, and then again , the error....

Postby GEswin » Tue 18 Jan 2005 14:34

Hi , I'm getting this error too, but only when I use compression set in connection. It asserts a error at

Code: Select all
unit MySqlNet.pas:
procedure TMySqlNet.ReceiveUncompr(var buffer: TBytes; offset, count: integer);
Assert(count <= FCompressBuffer.Length);  // <- here
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Re: Net packets out of order: received[255], expected[1].

Postby Ikar » Wed 19 Jan 2005 09:43

We couldn't reproduce the problem. It seems its appearance depends on transfering data. Please follow the next steps:

1. Stop the server and create a reserve copy of mysql\data\test\etatssia.* at the server.
2. Send us these files. If data volume is too large or it is impossible by some reasons, try to decrease a number of records.
3. Send us your configuration file of MySQL Server (my.ini).
4. Attach simplest Delphi-project to demonstrate the problem.

PS: We are planning to release a new build of MyDAC at the nearest time and it would be great to reproduce and fix this error before the release.
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Postby GEswin » Wed 19 Jan 2005 11:27

Did you turn on compression at myconnection ? It happens me with both windows and linux mysql 4.1.8 standart install server. Without compression it works fine.
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Postby swierzbicki » Wed 19 Jan 2005 12:37

I sended to the support a rar file containing :

- MySQL Tables
- MySQL Ini files
- Delphi Project

Best regards,

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Postby Ikar » Thu 20 Jan 2005 15:04

We still couldn't reproduce the problem not depending on compression, server version and so on.
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Postby kenny » Fri 21 Jan 2005 01:50


The error occurred not only on runtime, but on design time too.
On design time, when the TmyTable assign to one of the table from my DB and MyTable.Active := True; Then I alter the field name without first close my delphi IDE or make MyTable.Active := False, then the net packet problem will occasionally occur after I return back to delphi IDE.
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Postby Ikar » Fri 21 Jan 2005 08:43

Do you use compression?
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