Possible bug when I change Field.ReadOnly property ?

Possible bug when I change Field.ReadOnly property ?

Postby ziclope » Sun 12 Mar 2006 17:28


When I am using the following code an exception is raised:
"DataSet is not in Insert or edit mode"


pAutoInc->ReadOnly = false; <-- the DataSet->State changes to dsBrowse
pAutoInc->Text = --DataSet->Tag;
pAutoInc->ReadOnly = true;

Is it a bug ? with ADOExpress components it doesn´t happen

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Postby Antaeus » Mon 13 Mar 2006 13:47

We tested the code you have posted. It seems to work fine. The value was assigned successfully without any exception. Please send us (mydac*crlab*com) a complete small sample to demonstrate this problem, including script to create and fill table.

Also supply us following information
- Exact version of C++ Builder
- Exact version of MyDAC. You can see it in About sheet of TMyConnection Editor
- Exact version of MySQL server and MySQL client. You can see it in Info sheet of TMyConnection Editor
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