Problems with MyDac and MySql 4.1.7

Problems with MyDac and MySql 4.1.7

Postby Harald » Thu 02 Dec 2004 20:36


my application runs long time with no problems under MyDac up to 3.30 , MySQL 4.0.*. and Delphi 7
Since the update to mysql 4.1.7 and MyDac 3.30.*, massive problems occur. I get some Debugger-Exceptions:

'EAssertionFailed: Unknown MySQL datatype (32) (D:\Projects\Delphi\MyDac\Source\MyClasses.pas, Line 870)'.

The shows path dosen´t exist: D:\Projects\Delphi\MyDac\Source\MyClasses.pas

The errors occurs irregular, sometimes at very simple SQL-Statements.
select * from anytable

The statements run fine in mysqlcc or mysql query browser.

I´ve uninstall and reinstall all mydac and mysql-products with no change.
Did you have any suggestions?


Re: Problems with MyDac and MySql 4.1.7

Postby Ikar » Fri 03 Dec 2004 10:18

This error might happen if MySQL server returns unknown type of the field. But there is no description of type with code 32 in mysql_com.h .

Probably, on update from MySQL 4.0 to 4.1 some tables with data were damaged. Try to make a check of these tables.
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Postby calix » Fri 03 Dec 2004 13:52

I´ve update Delphi 7.0 to 7.1, and reinstall all secondary components, like Quickreport, Teechart, MyDac etc.

Now the application seems to works stable. (I don´t check or repair the tables).

Is thes update necessary, or was it a damaged installation?
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Postby Ikar » Mon 06 Dec 2004 13:01

Not, this update isn't necessary.
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