Im trying the D7 trial and i get this error

Im trying the D7 trial and i get this error

Postby Lance » Sat 13 Aug 2005 02:09

[Fatal Error] Unit1.pas(10): Unit mySQLAccess was compiled with a different version of MySQLMonitor.MonitorHook

I even removed all packages that have with MySql to do, and then reinstalled the latest version, deselecting the encryption.

Any input appreciated as i really want to try this package because it have the Findkey method on tables.


Postby Paul » Sat 13 Aug 2005 20:38

Possibly you mixed incompatible versions of MyDAC or ODAC, SDAC.
Please check if you do not have another copy of MyDAC .dcu files in "Library path".
Please check that you have Delphi Architect, Professional or Enterprise. MyDAC does not support Delphi Trial (please see readme.txt)
Try to uninstall MyDAC, remove all MyDAC files from your computer and install it again
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