How to connect MySQL on the w.w.web

How to connect MySQL on the w.w.web

Postby Hiroshi Yamashita » Mon 01 Aug 2005 04:43

I want to connect MySQL on the w.w.web.
I tried all alternatives. Retriving error:

Now, I get bellow message.
Please show me proper rights in the MySql server.

Can't connect to MySql server on ''(10060)

Following are some informations.

The connection through Telnet is ok.
2.MySql version

Thank you.
Hiroshi Yamashita

Postby Ikar » Mon 01 Aug 2005 09:13

Most likely, the problem is not in rights at the server but in proxy/firewall etc settings. Please search for an answer in for this question in MySQL Reference Manual.
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Postby swierzbicki » Tue 02 Aug 2005 11:34

You should open the tcp 3306 port (and redirect it to the right machine).
as ikar said, this is mostly an firewall issue
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