mydac + kylix: TCRDBGrid replacement?

mydac + kylix: TCRDBGrid replacement?

Postby Sean » Tue 26 Jul 2005 15:10


I have a D7/mydac application and was having a go and running it under Kylix3/Suse9.1. I installed the corresponding Mydac components OK.

TCRDBGrid is missing, probably since its inherited from DBGrid, which is not in Kylix.
I'm a big TCRDBGrid fan and would really like to keep it (i.e. not re-write my App). I like the filtering and search enhancements in TCRDBGrid.

Are they any (coreLab) plans to migrate it to Kylix, or can anyone suggest a workaround or alternative solution fot TCRDBGrid on Kylix3?

Thanks in advance,


Postby Ikar » Wed 27 Jul 2005 14:00

We are not planning to develop TCGDBGrid greatly at the nearest time the same as to port it for Kylix.
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