aggregate field troubles

aggregate field troubles

Postby Zoltan » Sun 05 Jun 2005 06:58

Hello !
I'am ussing trial version

Have a folow problem:
I create TMyQuery and add aggregate field, set property active to true,
expression is sum(qty) (also try with 1*sum(qty)), then with DBText want to retrive value from this field, but result never appear !!!

Please help !


Postby Ikar » Mon 06 Jun 2005 14:06

Please specify in what the problem is. Does your application hang on try to execute a query?
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agregate fields details

Postby Zoltan » Tue 07 Jun 2005 09:52

Hi !
Thanks for answer !

About aggregate fields trouble (Delphi 7.0):
1. create my TMyQuery
2. create aggregate field
3. write to expression sum(qty) (qty is filed with quanity)
4. set property active to true
5. create DBText and assing it to aggregate field to read value
6. run application
7. when open query DBText not show sum(qty) value. They are also empty. Application run, but aggregate field don't calculate.

May I do some wrong?

Hope above help you to find a problem !

Thanks in advance

Postby Ikar » Thu 09 Jun 2005 12:25

Can you get a value of the field through MyQuery.Fields[].AsString?
Can this value be displied in DBGrid?
Please specify script to create tables and text of the query.
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