Post() --> hang

Post() --> hang

Postby drdwilcox » Wed 04 May 2005 18:32

I have encountered a problem that I cannot track any further. I have a form connected to a TMyTable. When I execute a Post() on the table, my program hangs. The table gets updated, but the call to Post() never returns. In the same application, I have another form attached to a different table, and here everything works as expected.

I wish I had more information, but that is all I've got.


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Postby Ikar » Thu 05 May 2005 07:07

Do you use FetchAll = False?

If yes, then the problem occurs because of locking MyISAM tables. If you try to update underfetched table MySQL waits while it will be completely fetched. Please refer to MySQL Reference manual 5.3 Locking Issues for details. To avoid the problem you can use any of following solutions.
- set FetchAll to True;
- change type of the table into, for example, InnoDB.
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