myDAC & Delphi - Delete Recored Error

myDAC & Delphi - Delete Recored Error

Postby Philip Roberts » Mon 02 May 2005 20:42

I have just started using myDAC having only recently discovered the advantages of mySQL over BDE. I have a small Delphi 5 application that manages information in a one table database. If I add a new record (insert) and save it (post) all is well but if I try to save (post) a record after editing or delete (delete) a record I get a run time error saying that I have an error in MY SQL. This application uses code from a BDE application that I know works. Could anyone point me in the right direction?

Thank you in advance.

Philip Roberts
Philip Roberts

Postby Ikar » Wed 04 May 2005 10:54

At first make sure that your table has unique key fields.
By the way, do you use TMyTable or TMyQuery?
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