Access violation...

Access violation...

Postby Guest » Sun 24 Apr 2005 11:21

Access violation... Access violation...

If you try to drop a Database component and then a table component: Access violation. If you try to drop first a table component and then a database component: .... Access violation.

Is this an evaluate version or a beta version ?

My configuration:

WinXP SP2, Delphi7 Enterprise, MySQL 4.1, P IV Celeron 2.6GHz, 480Mb RAM.

Thanks and good work !!!

MyDAC 3.50

Postby Guest » Sun 24 Apr 2005 11:24

I have this problem with the latest MyDAC downloaded from here

Postby Ikar » Mon 25 Apr 2005 07:14

Thank you for information. It's known problem and we've already fixed it. This fix will be included
in the next MyDAC build. It will be available on this weeks.
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Access violation

Postby drdwilcox » Mon 25 Apr 2005 20:28

How will we know when the fix is available? I have an upgrade release waiting on this bug.


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Postby Guest » Wed 27 Apr 2005 03:27

Please see announcements on this forum

Postby Ikar » Thu 28 Apr 2005 09:15

Announcement about new build release will be posted to this forum.
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