Out of Memory to use mydump

Out of Memory to use mydump

Postby amosqueda » Thu 14 Apr 2005 02:12

I have one table of 3G aprox, and, I use MyDump to backup it, try do it, and after application send follow message:

Out memory
MySQL error 2008: client run out of memory when.......

I try change at side server of variables:

Result is the same. MySQL manual say that i must chage this value in both: server and client but:
1. How change this variable value with mysql, and.....
2. What other things I can to try???????
Any idea???

Alberto Mosqueda

Postby Ikar » Thu 14 Apr 2005 07:51

TMyDump doesn't serve to process huge data volumes. Try to use TMyBackup for your task.
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