MariaDB supported versions?

MariaDB supported versions?

Postby Ake42 » Mon 12 Jun 2017 17:14

I am considering to start use ORM and EntityDAC for my project, but how is it with support for MariaDB?
Which versions do you support?
Is MariaDB on the map in the future?
Is it ant particular features that is not supported?
Is MyDAC working or do you have any MariaDBDAC?
Is FireDAC working together with EntityDAC?

Thank you.
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Re: MariaDB supported versions?

Postby AlexP » Tue 13 Jun 2017 10:23


Yes, you can work with MariaDB in EntityDAC, for this you can use our products MyDAC( MyDACDataProvider), UniDAC ( UniDACDataProvider), Devart dbExpress Driver for MySQL (TDBXDataProvider), as well as FireDAC. In our products we support the following MariaDB versions - MariaDB 5.x, MariaDB 10.x.

P.S. If when working with EntityDAC, you faced any issues, please describe them in more details and we will try to help you with their solution.
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