Express vs Professional

Express vs Professional

Postby davidizadar » Tue 25 Apr 2017 23:00

After trying the Trial and reading the help, I decided to buy the Professional edition.
My model will have more than 50 tables and I wanted to save time during the design (that is, try different solutions) and when creating the user interface with DevExpress.
From the model to the database and back, as many times as required. That was my first goal.
Using standard datasets was the second goal. I use DevExpress QuantumGrid everywhere.
After simplifying my model (inheritance didn't make any sense without Auto Generated Values for the PK), I finally started implementing and testing my UI.
It started working... until I needed to modify fields which are part of the Entity Key. Why?
Do I have to define a single column PK for every table and define unique indexes for my real key?
Has anyone used EntityDAC for a real application before?
What are the assumptions about the model supported by EntityDAC?
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Re: Express vs Professional

Postby AlexP » Wed 17 May 2017 06:52


Yes, each table in the model should have a key field.
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