SQL statement doesn't return rows?

SQL statement doesn't return rows?

Postby AudioPat » Tue 08 Mar 2016 08:53


When we save a updated entity, this result into a SQL statement doesn't return rows error?
The entity has assocations.

Why do you declare a temp table for updating a record?
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DECLARE @tempVar TABLE(ContainerID INT); update dbo.Moves set VerhuurOrderID = @P1  OUTPUT INSERTED.ContainerID INTO @tempVar  where ID = @P2',N'@P1 int,@P2 int',3,33

When setting 'VerhuurOrderID = Value' then the SQL statement doesn't return rows. When you do not set this ID, the update is succesfully updated.

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  aMove.VerhuurOrderID := aVerhuurOrder.ID;
  DataContext.Save(aMove); // SQL statement doens't return rows.

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  //aMove.VerhuurOrderID := aVerhuurOrder.ID;
  DataContext.Save(aMove); // Update succes
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Re: SQL statement doesn't return rows?

Postby AlexP » Wed 09 Mar 2016 13:19


We can't reproduce the problem. Please send your model and a sample to support*devart*com .
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