Questions of a beginner

Questions of a beginner

Postby EdmilsonMattos » Fri 10 Apr 2015 22:18

Possible use Entitydac in an android Delphi project?

Possible force the collection within a class come filled ?? Example We have two Company and Employee entities with LINK wish every company entity came with the collection of Employees filled.

Possible use LiveBind with EntityDac normally?

Where can I find an example of CRUD or any example to go the right way ???

I appreciate any help !!!
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Re: Questions of a beginner

Postby AlexP » Tue 14 Apr 2015 09:51


Currently, EntityDAC doesn't support mobile platforms.
If in the model the Company object has a link to Employee, then an additional property will be created in the Company class, that will refer to the Employee collection. The collection can be filled for each Company instance.
Yes, you can use LiveBind with EntityDAC.
You can find samples in the \Devart\EntityDAC\Demos\EntityDemo\ folder.
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