Error when using TSQLDataset

Error when using TSQLDataset

Postby hwd » Sat 31 Dec 2011 17:36

When i try to use a TSQLDataset with the CommandType ctTable and try to start the expert for the CommandText property that results in
Metadaten für PostgreSQL können nicht geladen werden. Add driver unit to your uses (DbxInterBase or DbxDb2 or DbxMsSql or DBXMySQL or DbxOracle or DbxSybaseASA or DbxSybaseASE).

but DBXDevartPostgreSQL exists in the uses list.
Populating CommandText manually works.
But TSQLTable works just fine.
When using TSQLDataset with the CommandType ctQuery the Expert works, but there are no Fields of a Table offered for inserting.
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Postby bork » Wed 04 Jan 2012 12:24


In the run-time TSQLDataSet works correctly, but in the design-time there are some issues with experts. We know about it and plan to fix them in one of the next builds/versions of dbExpress driver for PostgreSQL. As soon as it is fixed we will notify you.
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