Bug in dbExpress driver

Bug in dbExpress driver

Postby qadram » Sun 15 Aug 2010 16:52

Just notice that in the latest version of the driver, 1.10.9, there is a bug in the line 2791 of dbexp,

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if not FConnection.CLRHostApp then // to avoid Delphi2006 CLR bug (TWideStringField -> TField.CopyData)

FConnection is not check to be assigned, and that raises an exception.

To reproduce the problem, just try to get the fieldnames of a table:

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    DEVART_POSTGRESQL.GetFieldNames('films', memo1.lines);

If the table contain string type fields, then you get it.

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Postby bork » Mon 16 Aug 2010 14:08


Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce this issue. I can get the field name list without any errors. We need additional information:
- the Delphi version that you are using
- the PostgreSQL version that you are using
- the DDL script for creating the "films" table (maybe this error can be reproduced with some special field data type, field name or precision)
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