n tier architecture with LINQ to SQL

n tier architecture with LINQ to SQL

Postby Rasmus » Sun 13 Oct 2013 11:53


I have a working WPF application where i use the Devart LinqConnect model to work directly with my database. However due to circumstances I now need to connect to the database via another application/service located elsewhere

I first thought of creating a WCF service which communicated with the database with LINQ and then returned the data to my WPF. However I get the error that the connection string can not be found in the configuration file.

What is the best approach to solve this problem? If possible can you send a sample solution showing how to get data from a database via another application?


I seem to have solved my issue by changing the service to use tpc instead of the default http. Is this the correct approach?
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Re: n tier architecture with LINQ to SQL

Postby MariiaI » Mon 14 Oct 2013 09:43

We have sent you a sample project to the e-mail address you provided in your forum profile, please check that the letter is not blocked by your mail filter.

Please test it and tell us if this helps.
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