Custom Attributes

Custom Attributes

Postby Kam » Fri 09 Sep 2011 10:19

1. I have problems with custom attributes of model from projects of current solutions. In time of compilation get error:
"Can't copy obj\Release\...dll becouse is using antone process"

2. Do you plan possibility to modify the attributes of all table columns in a single form?
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Postby StanislavK » Mon 12 Sep 2011 16:52

Concerning the issue with custom attributes, we couldn't reproduce it. Could you please describe the structure of your application in more details? If possible, please send us a small test project with which the problem can be reproduced.

As for the second question, the possibility of changing the attribute properties for several fields at once was implemented in the latest 3.0.4 build of LinqConnect:
Provided that several entity fields have the same attribute, you can select these fields at the diagram and tune this attribute in the Properties tool window for all fields simultaneously.
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