Response time

Give fixes imediatly to users

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A quick fix would be helpful
The interval of new releases is good now, don't change something
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Response time

Postby Zero-G. » Thu 25 Mar 2010 15:45

Hey @all

So, I will open this poll, because of the response time and the interval of getting updates.
I think, that a fast release with a solved problem couldn't be a problem any more.
I see such great support experience with the company DevExpress.
When you post a problem there and the developers find the problem, you get an interim solution, which can be downloaded imediatly.

So, DevArt Users, do you think, it would be helpful, if DevArt would also give imediatly bug fixes to users, which found a problem?
Or do you think, the response time / release time of new versions is enough?
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Postby Zero-G. » Thu 08 Apr 2010 07:03

Hey, once again!

I saw, that over 100 people have read that thread and only 3 have voted. :?:
Please forums people give your opinion to this thread.

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