Linq Query Error Constants cant by sequences

Linq Query Error Constants cant by sequences

Postby ggb83 » Mon 02 Mar 2009 11:11


im new here in the Forum and have a Problem with Postgresql Linq Provider und a Error:

I have to write this SQL-Query in LINQ.

Code: Select all
select h.hrstnr as Nummer,
h.hrst_kurzname as Bezeichnung,
akt.Anzahl as AktivAnzahl,
pakt.Anzahl as PAktivAnzahl,
pass.Anzahl as PassivAnzahl

from hersteller h
left join (select art_herstellernr, count(art_artikelnr) as Anzahl from artview
where art_belegt_merker=255 group by art_herstellernr) as akt on h.hrstnr =akt.art_herstellernr

left join (select art_herstellernr, count(art_artikelnr)  as Anzahl from artview
where art_belegt_merker=250 group by art_herstellernr) as pakt on h.hrstnr =pakt.art_herstellernr
left join (select lieferantennr, count(satznr) as Anzahl from artik group by lieferantennr) as pass
on h.hrstnr =pass.lieferantennr

order by h.hrstnr

I wrote multiple Querys for the and at the end always the error "Constants cant by sequences" occures.

Can anyone help me? Each LINQ query works well only the last doesnt.

Code: Select all
        Dim aktivartikel = From art In cont.ArtViews _
                           Where art.art_belegt_merker.Equals(caktiv) _
                           Select hrstnr = art.Herstellernummer, art.CarlaNummer
        Dim aktivpartikel = From art In cont.ArtViews _
                           Where art.art_belegt_merker.Equals(cpaktiv) _
                           Select hrstnr = art.Herstellernummer, art.CarlaNummer
        Dim passivartikel = From art In cont.artiks _
                            Select hrstnr = art.lieferantennr, art.lieferantenartikelnr

        Dim resakt = From a In aktivartikel _
                      Group a By a.hrstnr Into Group _
                      Select hrstnr, count = Group.Count
        Dim respakt = From a In aktivpartikel _
                      Group a By a.hrstnr Into Group _
                      Order By hrstnr _
                      Select hrstnr, count = Group.Count
        Dim respas = From p In passivartikel _
                     Group By p.hrstnr Into Group _
                     Select hrstnr, count = Group.Count
        Dim hqu = From hr In cont.herstellers _
                         Distinct _
                         Select hr.hrstnr, hr.hrst_kurzname
        Dim qu1 = From a In hqu _
                 Group Join akt In aktivartikel On a.hrstnr Equals akt.hrstnr Into aktgroup1 = Group _
                 From aktgroup In aktgroup1.DefaultIfEmpty _
                 Group Join pakt In aktivpartikel On a.hrstnr Equals pakt.hrstnr Into paktgroup1 = Group _
                 From paktgroup In paktgroup1.DefaultIfEmpty _
                 Group Join ppas In passivartikel On a.hrstnr Equals ppas.hrstnr Into ppasgroup1 = Group _
                 From ppasgroup In ppasgroup1.DefaultIfEmpty _
                                  Select Nummer = a.hrstnr, Bezeichnung = a.hrst_kurzname, AnzahlAktiv = aktgroup.count, AnzahlPAktiv = paktgroup.count, AnzahlPassiv = ppasgroup.count

thanks in advance


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Postby AndreyR » Mon 02 Mar 2009 11:39

Could you please post here or send me (support * devart * com, subject "LINQ: Constants cant by sequences") the script of DB objects you are using in the query?
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