Reverse engineering naming algorithm

Reverse engineering naming algorithm

Postby asaake » Wed 14 Jan 2009 16:30


I'm generating entities for Oracle tables from my database and didn't check any option for changing table names or field names.

In Entity Developer the table names are unchanged.

After generating code, I see in MyContext.cs:

Table KON -> Entity KONs
Table MW -> Entity MW
Table BKEY -> Entity BKies

It seems that the generation process adds a to all table names with an impair name length and tries to guess a name, if it ends with Y.

Can I disable that?

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Postby Paul » Wed 14 Jan 2009 17:26

Try to use the following steps:
1. Backup Template folder (in Entity Developer)
2. Remove all references to GetPluralName function in Template you use (CS or VB)
3. Restart Developer and try to Generate with reformed template.
4. If it won't help then restore the backup. Otherwise enjoy generated classes.
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Postby asaake » Fri 16 Jan 2009 09:04

Thank you!

It works.

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