sqldatasource problems

sqldatasource problems

Postby domingo » Fri 20 Oct 2006 02:45

ok, I purchased the pro version today after having inconsistent errors with the trial, but I still have problems.

I get the same errors when trying to use a gridview, detailsview or formview.

Using the VS2005 Pro gui in a Website project, I drop a sqldatasource object into the design view and follow the wizards. Select my connection string, select my table, my fields, test fails due to the [ bracket around the [tablename] and/or [fieldname].

Even if I update my select statement manually, my update parameters still don't work.

Am I missing something.?

Also, I can't get the pgSQL objects to show on my VS2005 toolbox in the Website project, they show in VB project, but I experience similar problems.

The table has a primary key with a integer/serial field.
Postgres vesion 8.0.8

Help is appreciated.

I've attached some images.

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Postby Alexey » Fri 20 Oct 2006 06:00

This problem is connected with Data Source Wizard. We can't change it. You should remove all square brackets manually.
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