ASP.NET 1.1?

ASP.NET 1.1?

Postby cmercier » Sat 28 Jan 2006 04:34


I just downloaded the trial of your component and I'm trying to use it in an ASP.NET 1.1 app. I tried creating a licenses.licx file and adding it as embedded ressource. However, I still get a licensing error.

What's the correct way to run your assembly in 1.1?


Postby Paul » Mon 30 Jan 2006 13:55

Please check that licenses.licx is included in your project.
Check that the line in licenses.licx does not contains spaces after and before the text.
Check that *.licenses resource is present in compiled assembly (size is 0x32C bytes).
Do you compile your project in Visual Studio environment or using command line?
If you have a problem, please create small application with one OracleConnection and license information. Please send us sources and .exe, .dll files
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