Strange licence problem

Strange licence problem

Postby Wojtek » Sun 22 Jan 2006 17:48

After my machine recently crashed I have reinstalled everything.

Enviroment is:
- VS .NET 2005
- PostgresSQL Direct Data Provider 2.40

When I try to open connection I get exception:
"License expired or not valid. Please view "Licensing" topic in PostgeSQLDirect.NET documentation for details or contact Core Lab technical support."

I receive same error with both old and new projects.
I uninstalled licenced version of PostgresSQL Direct Data Provider and installed freshly downlowaded trial - no help ! :(

Can you help ?
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Postby Paul » Mon 23 Jan 2006 10:13

If you uninstalled PostgreSQLDirect .NET 2.40.13 Std you will receive this error with PostgreSQLDirect .NET Trial 2.40.13
If you uninstalled PostgreSQLDirect .NET 2.20.12 Std or earlier you can use PostgreSQLDirect .NET 2.40.13 Std or Trial

Try to reproduce this problem with one of sample projects..
Please check that *.licenses resource is present in compiled assembly.
Please check that licenses.licx is included to your project.

Do you write class library (dll), executable application (exe), web project, web project with dynamically compiled sources?
Do you compile your project in Visual Studio environment or using command line?
If you have a problem, please create small application with one PgSqlConnection and license information. Please send us sources and .exe, .dll files
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Postby Wojtek » Mon 23 Jan 2006 17:22

Thank for this input.
First to comment your statement: I have NOT uninstalled anything !
PostgreSQLDirect .NET 2.40.13 was installed on fresh XP system (new disk replaced).

Adding *.licx file does not help.

I separate mail I am sending small test windows application (that is my primary area of using PostgreSQLDirect)

I will appreciate you help !

Best regards,
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