Problem creating TableAdapters

Problem creating TableAdapters

Postby thom4fun » Wed 08 Sep 2010 15:37

I use VS2010, existing project, existing datasets.
Try to insert dataadapters to PGSSQL servers.
right click new, follow wizzard, say dont use complete Paralelitaet (sorry no english version) and get a tableadapter. nice.
But with a lot of mistakes!!?? Why?
Parameters of the delete command will be wrong
Index settings wrong
SQL commands after first open in wizzard looks complete diffrent like created. Name of database include in SQL strings, instead of a part from the connection.
Do I something wrong, is it a bug, or is it only a bad development?
Because I kow this problems like years

Regards Thomas

P.S. Yes no Beta, yes allways the latest version, yes tested with VS2005 / 8 10
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Postby StanislavK » Fri 10 Sep 2010 13:43

Could you please describe the problems in more details? I.e., please describe the database objects you are using and what exactly is wrong in the table adapters generated. If possible, please send us a small test project with which the problems can be reproduced.
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