DevartEntityDeploy error

DevartEntityDeploy error

Postby jebus_jt » Thu 03 Dec 2009 21:03

hi, I've downloaded the trial professional edition of dotconnect for postgresql and I'm doing some tests, well here is how I got this error...
I created a new class libary project (Visual Basic Code) and I used the dataset wizard to create a dataset so I could get data from the database, everything seems to work fine but when I try to compile my project I got this error: "Task DevartEntityDeploy couldn't be loaded from the assembly. C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v3.5\Devart.Data.Entity.Build.Tasks.dll. The file or assembly couldn't be loaded 'Microsoft.Data.Entity.Build.Tasks, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a'. The system couldn't find the file. Confirm that the declaration is correct, and that the assembly and all its dependencies are available."

I look up for the error and I got this file C:\Program Files\MSBuild\v3.5\Custom.After.Microsoft.Common.targets giving some trouble


please I need help, thanks in advantage

PD: sorry my english is not good...
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Postby AndreyR » Fri 04 Dec 2009 09:08

Thank you for the report, we have already found and fixed the problem. You probably don't have
.NET Framework Service Pack 1 installed on your machine.
As a solution you can either upgrade to the latest dotConnect for PostgreSQL or simply
remove or delete the C:\Program Files\MSBuild\v3.5\Custom.After.Microsoft.Common.targets file
(if you don't need Entity Framework).
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Postby jebus_jt » Fri 04 Dec 2009 14:39

thank you so much, I'm going to test it, and I'll let you know

EDIT: Everything worked great. thank you.By the way, we just bougth dotConnect for PostgreSQL, its a really useful development tool.
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