VS2005 TransactionScope

VS2005 TransactionScope

Postby garthk » Fri 24 Jun 2005 12:23

To what extent does PgsqlDirect participate in the new transaction features of VS2005? In particular, I am interested in having the Save methods on various classes, responsible for writing their contects back into the database, be able to function as a single, logical transaction where all of the objects must save successfully or none do. TransactionScope seems to offer a reasonable way to accomplish this.

I'm open to thoughts, suggestions, and especially code samples.


VS2005 TransactionScope

Postby Yuri » Mon 04 Jul 2005 13:30

What exactly do you mean as "new transaction feature of VS2005"? Can you give us a link to documentation.
If you mean Automatic Transactions we do not think that implementing this functionality is urgent right now.
We are investigating possibility of supporting this feature in PostgreSQLDirect .NET.

Thank you for the suggestion.
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