Devart.Data listed twice...

Devart.Data listed twice...

Postby dsaracini » Mon 16 Mar 2009 21:26


When I go to "Add Reference" I can see Devart.Data listed twice... The two locations (and other info) is as follows:

Runtime: v2.0.50727
Path: c:\program files(x86)\Common Files\Devart\dotConnect\5.00\Net2\Devart.Data.dll

Runtime: v2.0.50727
Path: c:\program files(x86)\Devart\dotConnect\PostgreSQL\Devart.Data.dll

Is this a problem? Which should should I add when need to reference? Does it not make a difference?

Note: none of the other devart libraries are duplicated. Only Devart.Data.


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Postby Shalex » Tue 17 Mar 2009 08:03

It is ok. The Devart.Data.dll assembly from the Common Files folder is used during loading the Visual Studio packages. The reason of its separate location: several Devart providers can be installed on the same machine, but the Visual Studio packages have to use only one Devart.Data.dll. I recommend you to use the reference to the assembly from the \program files(x86)\Devart\dotConnect\PostgreSQL\ folder, but it doesn't make difference if you have installed compatible versions of Devart products.
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