Asp.Net Membership/Roles Access from IIS 7

Asp.Net Membership/Roles Access from IIS 7

Postby swaxolez » Tue 08 Apr 2008 01:03

I am trying to alter membership and roles from IIS 7 but cannot due to the following:

"This feature cannot be used because the default provider type could not be determined to check whether it is a trusted provider.

You can use this feature only when the default provider is a trusted provider. If you are a server administrator, you can make a provider a trusted provider by adding the provider type to the trusted providers list in the Administration.config file. The provider has to be strongly typed and added to the GAC (Global Assembly Cache)."

I was under the impression that was added to GAC during setup.

I am using the latest version of and Vista Business 64.

Can't find much information regarding this Administration.config file.

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Postby Alexey.mdr » Tue 08 Apr 2008 12:47

Please specify the version and edition of PostgreSQLDirect .NET.
Also send me (alexeyman*crlab*com) some screenshots to ilustrate the problem.
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